Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rolly Polly

Lila is always amazing us with what she has learned so far. She has recently discovered that she has a left foot. She loves to lift it in the air and hold on to it. She is also rolling over now, tummy to back, and back to tummy. She loves to try and practice this new development on the changing table. It makes it very hard to put a diaper on her when she is trying to roll on to her tummy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It is amazing how busy we have been since I last blogged. Lila will be 5 months old this month. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. TLC filmed our story for a show called Baby's First Day. As the air date approaches I am not sure how I feel. I had a very rough time with the labor process and how things turned out. I am OK with the fact that I had a C-section, we would have ended up in an emergency one anyway if we hadn't already made the decision. Lila was facing the wrong direction, and never turned properly. I am still struggling with the fact that after 36 hours of the labor process and everything we had go on and occasionally go wrong, I was the last person to actually see and hold Lila. Once they got her out, the I.V pole was in my way and then I had to get "knocked" out since I started yelling from being able to feel pain on the table. Because of that I had a longer recovery process to wake up from and after delivering Lila 7 hours earlier, I was finally able to hold her. I guess I am not sure how I feel watching this go on. I don't know how the episode is being aired-we share a half hour show with another birth story-but I am not really sure I am ready to watch this happen again. I don't really expect anyone to comment on this, it is just kind of cathartic to write how I feel down.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Are we there yet?

I am not in a rush to get baby Lila out since it is far too early for that, but I am counting down the days. I have to say, we have one cute little girl. On our last doctor visit we got to see her on the screen again, and she just has the cutest nose and mouth (I know, I am biased). As much as I want to meet her, I feel like there is so much to get still and do. Every shopping trip we make includes some baby item as we are trying to get the things we need in little bits. As much as we have, I still feel like we need so much more-what if she comes and I don't have something she needs? This thought has crossed my mind so many times, but then I walk into her room and remind myself that we do have enough to survive a few days with her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Girl and School

Our little girl has been growing very quickly. She has really made my tummy nice and big. At our anatomy scan we discovered that we are having a girl, but that she was growing big. I have had 1 more ultrasound to check her growth progress since then, and she seemed to have slowed down a bit in growth. I have another ultrasound in a week to check her growth again. I think she has her daddy's legs, since her weight is where she should be. Either way, I am now being monitored for her size.
The biggest news we have is that John has decided to go back to school to become a high school art teacher. If everything goes well, he will be done in 3.5 years. I am so proud of him for this decision. He has really thought it through and in the long run, this is the best thing for our family. He will still play music on the side, but it is no longer his career focus.

Monday, August 23, 2010


We have our anatomy scan on Wednesday. We are really hoping that baby cooperates so we can find out if it is a girl or a boy. The students at my school have been great. Almost everyday one of them asks me if I know what it is. I am pretty sure I will need to make a shirt to announce it and wear it to work so I don't have to answer the same question all day on Thursday. John has been very cute. I think he might be more excited that I am =).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hopsital Visit-by Catheryne

On Friday the 13th, I went in to Vanderbilt hospital for heart issues. I have a heart arrhythmia, which sometimes causes me to get palpitations. Usually my palpitations only last a couple of seconds to a minute and then I am fine. Well on Friday I got a bad case of palpitations and after still have them for half an hour, I decided to call the OB nurse line and ask about them. They immediately told me to go to the E.R. John was playing a gig for Habitat for Humanity so I was unable to reach him, I left him a voice mail telling him where I was going and why. I got to the hospital around 5:00 pm and checked in, with my palpitations still occurring. Within 5 minutes of checking in I was brought to the triage room and they took my pulse, and blood pressure, they also did an EKG. My pulse was 180 beats per minute. I was placed in a room in the emergency department. Within a few minutes I had two cardiologists, two e.r. doctors, and a bunch of other nurses in the room with me. They told me I was a high priority. My heart was not only beating too fast, but it was stuck in an off beat pattern. The doctors tried several methods to naturally get my heart back to a normal rhythm (normal for me), but it was unsuccessful. They had to give me a drug that shocked my heart into a normal pattern. This was all very scary and John was still unable to get to me. After a couple of hours after the drug treatment, John was finally able to get to me. My rhythm was regular, but my pulse was still way too fast. John walked in to me in abed hooked up to three heart monitors, and I.V. and an oxygen tube in my nose. A very scary sight for him. The doctors were trying to figure out what caused this and though that it could have been due to a blood clot in my lungs. We had to make the agonizing decision to allow for a ct scan. We decided to go ahead an have one because they were going to place me on blood thinners without knowing if I had a clot, which would not be good for the baby. So we took the risk to expose the baby to the radiation hoping that I would not have a clot. Luckily I don't. The doctors knew that I would have to be admitted because my hear rate was still too high and they wanted to watch me. I was finally moved to room at 5 a.m, 12 hours after coming in. We were able to get some sleep in the room. Saturday afternoon the cardiologists came by and said they wanted to keep me another night and to also put me on a beta blocker to try to slow my heart rate down. Before I agreed to take the medicine I knew I wanted to talk to an OB to see the risk it would have to the baby. The OB came by and brought an ultrasound machine so we were able to see the baby for a second time while in the hospital, she was also very good at answering our questions. The beta blocker would not affect the baby, so I agreed to take it. The medicine worked and my heart rate finally dropped Saturday night. On Sunday I was discharged. We had great care while there, they pulled a chair that folds out to a bed by my bed so John could stay by my side. They also brought him food when they brought me food. We could not asked for better care during this scary time. We are also very grateful for the baby being OK during this all.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Open Doors

The last two weeks have been very eventful. John's band recorded three songs, and were able to get two of them mixed. His band also played on the 4th of July. This last week he made contact with an arts academy that is through my school, and if everything goes well, he will be able to teach drum lessons in the afternoons. We have been praying for many things, and if things go well with the drum lessons, that will be one answer to prayer. We are still very hopeful that the Lord will continue to open doors for us. I will be going to NM to visit my Grandma Marion for her 91st (!) birthday, my parents will also be there. I am so excited to be able to see them all, I really have missed them. John gets to stay behind and work and watch the animals. Not too exciting for him. The baby is making my tummy very big, I am not convinced that is looks like a baby bump to all who see, I still think that I look like I have a big belly to people who don't know I am preggers. John keeps telling me otherwise.