Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to Blog

Ok, so it has been a long time since we have bloged. We have had a very busy January. The new year started with our overnighter, then a trip to the doctor. Catheryne gets occasional heart paliations and had a bad episode the Friday right after the lock in, so we went to the doctor and they did an EKG. The EKG came back abnormal, so we have spent some time visiting with the cardiologist. It turns out she is fine, she has a condition where blood flows quicker to one side than the other, but it isn't life treatening or harmful. The other tests they did all came back fine-so it is confirmed she marches to a different beat =).

We have had some really cold weather here. Catheryne didn't have school today due to a snow day. The snow didn't last long, but it has been raining like crazy all week with a threat of icing over. So, it is better to be safe than sorry with the way people drive out here.

On another note, we expreienced something that has left California years ago. Roller Skating! Seriously, they still do that out here. We went Saturday night with our church's youth group. Both of us managed not to fall! It was a total time warp. This is a picture one of our girls took, Catheryne is laughing at how long it took to take the picture, and John is reacting in his own way.

We also got our wedding pictures. They turned out AMAZING!


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  2. Oh Catheryne, I'm glad that your heart is ok! That is great news! And I'm so glad that you like your wedding pictures. :)