Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is just a quick post to talk about our dog, Belle. I (Catheryne) have always been amazed by animal intuition. She is no exception. I have had a fairly easy pregnancy so far, I get a bit queasy, but not nearly like what I was expecting. There have been some days where I just don't feel well-tired, queasy, and a backache-it is on those days that she has been even more attentive to me than normal. She is our dog, but really more my dog in her attention. Just this morning as I was in the other room with the door closed, she laid down by the door as if she were guarding it. Her behavior is encouraging to me and helps me when I am home on Summer break when John is working. I believe that God chose her for us. When we went to the humane society to look for a dog, she was not the first dog we noticed. In fact, she was the last dog. Usually you have to wait to take an adopted animal home because the have to spay or neuter them. After we noticed her and asked about her, we were informed that was were able to take her home that day because she was already spayed. She has truly been a blessing to us. She is also a great guard dog. She growls and barks at people and strange noises in this apartment, which makes John a very happy person.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby, band, and flood

The McFarland's are having many exciting things happen. Catheryne is pregnant, she is due Jan. 11, 2011. This is very exciting for us, but it is also scary. We really want this baby, so all scariness it just anxiety over the newness of life. John's band has been very busy. The band won a battle of the bands a few weeks ago. One of the prizes was a 6 month free contract with an agency/management company called Fastrax. Fastrax has really been working hard for them. The company is meeting this week with Word, which is a record label. We could really use your prayers for this meeting. We are praying that the band will get signed, and that John will be able to quit his day job. The band's heart is truly for the LORD and their goal is to spread the love of Jesus in a way that can reach all people. All prayers are welcome no matter what. Hopefully, we will get better at keeping up with this blog. I think we are going to have many more things to write about now.

The national media did not do a great job with covering the Tennessee flood. The area of flood damage is equivalent to New Jersey. It hit more areas than just Nashville. According to news reports, this is the worst flood ever recorded for Tennessee (by the way, it also affected parts of Kentucky). The media is calling it the 1,000 year flood. Catheryne's school was greatly affected by it. The only part that remained dry was the top level. The entire school lot, portable classrooms and first floor were completely flooded. To help put it into perspective, this picture was taken before the bottom level of the school flooded. The building in the picture ended up having water all the way up to the roof line.