Thursday, June 4, 2009


We experienced our first baseball game together (along with 23 other kids/ leaders from our church). It was a lot of fun. We lead a group that is designed to plan outings for our youth group. We went to the Nashville Sounds Faith Night. We got to see a concert of a band called Philmont. They were awesome, and they are still new, so it will be cool to say we saw them and met them when they become bigger. The Sounds won, which was also an exciting experience. We missed our turn home and had to go a different route home. We drove through an area that is in serious need of Jesus. We saw some very drunk people stumbling and a few corner deals going on. It was a bit scary since we had two younger girls in our car with us, but we made it home safely. Catheryne is now on summer break and John seems to be busier than ever. He is working, helping to mentor the youth band and get that started, as well as working with his own band. Catheryne also some howmanaged to get him involved in helping her with VBS, or at least being a personal driver. VBS will be awesome, but it has taken up so much of our time. It fininally will be next week, so we will have a lot of time back to be on our own.


  1. How fun guys! Catheryne, I'm glad you're done with school for the summer. Gosh, I can't believe you've been there almost a year. And John, when did you start playing with a band? What else are you up to?

  2. So a guy I knew in high school really liked a band called Philmore. They put out an album (self-titled) in 2000, and it was that high-energy poppy punk sound (i'm bad with genres). Either it's the same band, or the same name, but I just thought it was an interesting coincidence either way :) Glad it sounds like you're having lots of fun!