Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Robin Hood

We are great fans of Netflix. We subscribe to it to help supplement the lack of TV programing. We have the very lowest form of cable so we can watch some TV and get weather updates during a storm. We don't get TV reception without cable. Anyway, through Netflix we are able to catch up on some of our favorite shows that we don't get the channel for. One of our favorites is BBC America's Robin Hood. This series is very well done. We just finished watching season 2 (we thought it was season 3 at first). It was such a dramatic season that has left us waiting for season 3. Very few shows really grab our attention. This has been the highlight of the last few days. John has been working night shifts to help rearrange the store. He is finally done with those, so we can get our life back to normal. It throws things off when one of us is sleeping all day. We had a small scare about Catheryne's job due to some unexpected layoffs at the school, but everything seems to have evened out and it looks like there is no need for us to worry anymore. We have continued to stay busy with the youth group at church. Next week will be the first day the youth group goes to the lake. Catheryne is excited to finally go to the lake, and we don't know if John will have to work that day or not. We are also looking forward to our first 4th of July BBQ at a friend's house.

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