Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is just a quick post to talk about our dog, Belle. I (Catheryne) have always been amazed by animal intuition. She is no exception. I have had a fairly easy pregnancy so far, I get a bit queasy, but not nearly like what I was expecting. There have been some days where I just don't feel well-tired, queasy, and a backache-it is on those days that she has been even more attentive to me than normal. She is our dog, but really more my dog in her attention. Just this morning as I was in the other room with the door closed, she laid down by the door as if she were guarding it. Her behavior is encouraging to me and helps me when I am home on Summer break when John is working. I believe that God chose her for us. When we went to the humane society to look for a dog, she was not the first dog we noticed. In fact, she was the last dog. Usually you have to wait to take an adopted animal home because the have to spay or neuter them. After we noticed her and asked about her, we were informed that was were able to take her home that day because she was already spayed. She has truly been a blessing to us. She is also a great guard dog. She growls and barks at people and strange noises in this apartment, which makes John a very happy person.

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