Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Timers

So, we finally decided to break down and start a blog. We have enjoyed reading other people's blogs so we thought- hey, why not? Life in the "country" is very different from life by the coast. Dude is very rarely used out here, and there are new kinds of foods to experience. Although we are not necessarily in the country, compared to Cali- it is. This is the first time away from family during the holidays, which is nice for creating our own traditions, but it adds a sense of sadness to be away from our family during this time. John has been playing off and on with different people; not as much as he wishes, but enough for us to know this is where we need to be. Teaching has been different out here, I seem to have a lot more freedom to do what I want to do. The other thing that is new for us is having a real winter- snow and all.


  1. DUDE!!!

    I miss you so very much. I am excited you have a blog.

    Love you bunches!!!

  2. Dude, I am so glad that you started a blog. I love the name, and I love the post. I miss you guys so much, but I am so so so glad to hear that things seem to be going so well in Tennessee. I really hope we can come visit sometime.

  3. Welcome to "the club" :) Hope you enjoy the snow! Drive smart in it though...please. We miss you guys bunches.
    Later dudes.