Friday, December 26, 2008


We tend to have some very random experiences. Mom-Bennett Mom- sent us a CD of various pictures. There were some pictures on there tat highlight our random experiences. Such as the time we found a mom and her ducklings crossing a busy street. We decided to corral them to a safer area, but then the mommy duck left her babies. We waited for over an hour for her to return, but she never did. Therefore, we took home Hughie, Louie, Dewey, and Quackers. Unfortunately, they did not last the night. It was very traumatic-John performed CPR on them, but it didn't work.

Then there is our obsession with ferrets. We LOVE ferrets, but they probably wouldn't fit well into our lifestyle, or get along with Belle. But, we were determined to have our picture taken with one in New Mexico.

During that same trip to New Mexico, we found a turtle in my Grandma's back yard. It was so cool! We lost it, some how, the next day and we could not find it anywhere.


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  2. I love people who love their animals. Great Blog. I will be visiting often.