Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oklahoma/ Travel

We drove to Oklahoma this past weekend to surprise Grandma Lila (one of the most amazing people ever). She turned 90 on the 18th, so her daughter planned a very nice party for her. Catheryne's parents flew in to OK for it as well, so it was very nice to see them. The drive was a bit hard on us, about 9.5 hours each way. We woke up at 3:00 am on Saturday to make it on time. We came back on Sunday exhausted. We are still trying to catch up. Belle and Thomas were taken care of by some friends of ours-they did an awesome job. Belle seemed to be ok, which she normally isn't after we go somewhere.
Catheryne is going to Kentucky Monday to spend the night at the Creation Science Museum with her students. It will be exciting, but probably a lot of work with this group. She has never been to Kentucky so it will be a first.
We are also planning a trip to Canada/ New York this summer. Catheryne's Grandma Marion will also be turning 90, so the family is having a big party for her in upstate New York. Since we will be right by Niagara Falls, we decided that we will go see it on the Canadian side. We also discovered a place called the McFarland House that is right by Niagara Falls (about 30 min.) So we will be going to visit that-it was built by a John McFarland.

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  1. That sounds like an insane (but fun) weekend!